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राहत शाखा

Project title: Community Based Human Elephant Conflict Management in Jhapa District (Phase I)

Project background:

It is a sub project of regional IDA project "Strengthening Regional Co-operation for Wildlife Protection in Asia Project" which was approved by the International Development Association (IDA) on April 29, 2013.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Department of Forests (implementing agency) and National Trust for Nature Conservation (Project Coordination Unit) was signed on May 6, 2013. According to MoU, District Forest Office, Jhapa shall perform the services during the period commencing May 6, 2013 and continuing through November 5, 2014.

The total approved budget for the first phase of project was Nepali rupees eight million eight hundred forty thousand only (NRs 8,840,000.00).

1. 1st amendment to the proposal:

The proposal was amended considering the need of more scientific and sophisticated fence than the proposed conventional fence to prevent highly adaptive and intelligent pachyderm. The amended proposal consists of two major changes:-

The amendment has direct implication in the financial proposal, thus, the total amended project budget was Nepali rupees twenty three million three hundred forty thousand only (NRs 23,340,000.00).

2. 2nd amendment to the proposal:

The comprehensive discussion among the stakeholders (PCU, community and JDFO) concluded to amend the project proposal to make it more effective. It was decided to replace the activities that were not relevant at the time with necessitous activities.

With the amendment, the total budget was NRs 25,350,000.00 i.e. Nepali rupees twenty five million three hundred fifty thousand only.

The project duration was extended to November 3, 2015.

3. 3rd amendment to the proposal:

The meeting of stakeholders concluded the need of additional activities to the proposal for the effectiveness of the project.

The total budget of the project after third amendment was NRs 28,652,000.00 i.e. twenty eight million six hundred fifty two thousands only.

It cannot be denied that the success of the project depends on how the target group takeover the outcome of the project. Thus, the 4th amendment to the proposal has been realized by the stakeholders in order to incorporate the programs that encourage building ownership in the community towards the project outcomes and thus, it has proposed to extend the project duration for more nine months.

Objective of the project:

The objectives of the project are:

Activities of the project:

The major activities of the project are:

Major achievements:

१ कार्यरत कर्मचारीहरु :

क ) श्री प्रकाश राई , ( कार्यक्रम सहायक )

ख ) श्री उपेन्द्र पोखरेल  ( कार्यक्रम सहायक )

ग ) श्री त्रिभुवन चौधरी ( सहजकर्ता )

२ बन्यजन्तु बाट हुने क्षति को राहत सहयोग निर्देशिका ,2069 को पहिलो संसोधन २०७२ :

 Community Based Human-Elephant Conflict Management in Jhapa District (PHASE I)